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State and Local Governments

Our State and Local governments practice is of the strong area for CMA in that we have audited over 10,000 grants amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. We have also performed special audits, investigations, rate study, cost allocation, IT consultation, IT review of controls for financial statement audit, and internal control reviews. From the City of Kansas City to the City of Denver, we have provided Information System reviews and uniform guidance audits for several local governments. Highlights of our services include the following:

  • Financial statement audit
  • Internal control reviews
  • Cost Allocation
  • Internal Audit
  • MBE/WBE compliance audits
  • Costs Incurred Audits
  • Legal Bills Audit
  • Investigative Audits
  • Pre-Award Audits
  • Policy reviews
  • Subgrantee Governance Review
  • Training program on internal controls and governance
  • Special Audits of overhead rates of major contractors