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Financial Statement Audits

CMA has successfully completed numerous financial statement audits in the past two decades. Our audit philosophy is based on integrity, objectivity, independence and strict adherence to professional standards, regulations, laws and industry best practices. To achieve our audit objectives efficiently and effectively, we employ a risk-based approach. This entails:

  • Meticulous audit planning
  • Fully integrated automated documentation
  • Full consideration of internal controls or lack thereof
  • Open and timely communication to stakeholder

CMA can complete the audit in a least disruptive manner. Most of our staff have over 5 years of experience.

Tim (Tefera) Chewaka

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Your Trusted Partner

CMA is a helpful and trusted business partner who delivers value to every engagement.

Often audits are sought to meet financial reporting requirements, however we believe our audits can provide much more, and it can help clients assess risk, internal control issues, and can provide insights and information to address business challenges. . In addition to audit, we provide varying levels of attestation services including reviews, compilations and agreed-upon procedures (AUP) engagements. Contact us and we can assist what assurance level you need.