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Why Consider IT Staff Augmentation? The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is nothing new for the business world. For the last 30 years, companies that favor professional services for a reasonable price have been embracing this delivery model. But with the business landscape evolving, outsourcing types like staff augmentation and remote teams are becoming increasingly more popular.

Outsourcing and staff augmentation share a sizeable piece of the global economy pie: in 2017, the outsourcing market amounted to $88.9 billion worldwide. And not only because it’s considered less expensive to outsource. Deloitte revealed that most often companies choose to outsource to focus on their core business activities, solve capacity issues and enhance service quality.

Remote teams prove to be tremendously successful, especially when it comes to IT – an industry that requires many skilled and creative hands on deck but not necessarily in the office. The thing is, recruiting in-house specialists is a challenging, time-consuming task and freelancers often happen to be unreliable. But staff augmentation offers the benefits of in-house hires at a fraction of the cost.

What is Staff Augmentation?

The augmented staffing model implies extending an in-house team with experts on a short- or long-term project basis. It means that you can cover a team’s skill gap by contracting dedicated specialists that will match specific project needs and eliminate the chaos and liabilities of contracting in-house employees. And specialized talent sourcing agencies are just the place to find them.
Specialized talent sourcing agencies are just the place to find such dedicated experts ready to join your project in a matter of days. The fact that this staff is employed and managed by the agency also means a much faster on-boarding process without any need to bother with HR issues such as payroll management, administration of the office space, vacations, training, and all other admin and legal – which is handled by the firm.
These agencies keep a database of professional profiles you can choose from to securely expand your company with vetted developers. Choosing to cooperate with a talent sourcing marketplace like this, you save yourself the hassle of headhunting, staff retention and control over an IT outsourcing provider. Thanks to their talent pool you can tap into any time, scaling your teams becomes easy and fast. This is especially beneficial for organizations that continuously need to hire professionals with different levels of skills and competence on a project basis.
Staff Augmentation is a process of extending an in-house team with dedicated specialists on a short- or long-term contract basis without liabilities of contracting employees.

Why Consider IT Staff Augmentation?

To fit time and budget constraints, more and more companies turn to staff augmentation. This type of outsourcing offers benefits no freelancers or in-house team can beat.

Secured flexibility

Being adaptable to business conditions but secured by a talent sourcing vendor, staff augmentation becomes a silver bullet if you have a massive project on the horizon. An unexpected workload looming ahead isn’t something you should be bothered with since this team extension model allows you to add people with the necessary skill set at any moment. This way, companies can take up projects of virtually any size and complexity. Relying on staff augmentation will help you cover vacant positions in a matter of days. Provided you find the right staff augmentation vendor, that is.

Less time recruiting

Oh, recruitment. A tedious and challenging task with an often-unpredictable outcome. How do you know the candidate didn’t lie on the resume? What if you’ve spent six months trying to fill the position and the new employee quits in a few months? Should you consider relocating candidates if there’s no one in your area meeting the demands? Can you trust a freelancer even with a 4 or 5-star rating? What if you only have two weeks to recruit a specialist? Do you just go for the next best thing?
Headhunting takes up too much time and effort. If that’s something you can’t afford, staff augmentation can be a lifesaver. Especially if you work with vendors that maintain an extensive database of specialists to match them to your needs quickly.

Lower expenses

Now, when you don’t have to employ another in-house member, you’ll see the expenses have shrunk. On-demand out staffing helps you save on arranging a new workspace, providing equipment, hardware, software, and other office supplies. On top of that, you don’t have to bother about covering vacations, sick leaves, health insurance and paying taxes for the employee – all of this is the staffing vendors’ responsibility.

Efficient staff management

Compared to project outsourcing, staff augmentation provides more control over the workflow and the team. When you handle the management operations yourself, it gives you more authority compared to leaving team management to the outsourcing provider. By monitoring the development process and team efforts, you can take actions immediately. So, you won’t be caught up in a situation when the outsourced manager tells you about a problem that could have been nipped in the bud three months ago.